Sunday, January 27, 2008

Does your home have a story?

I found a blog recently from a friend with an interesting story. It seems a neighboring home was slated for demolition and before the house was torn down, he went in the house and found something amazing. It seems the former owner, or at least someone who lived there, wrote memories of each room on the walls. If your house could talk, what would some of the memories be? Here is the link to Seattle Griz's Blog. Scroll down to see the pictures and read the story.

The home by the way, has now been demolished and replaced by a housing development. Thank goodness our memories are not made of concrete and wood.


~c. said...

My home has a story. Two if you count the basement.

Joseph said...

good one!

roadtripray said...

I tore out a wall in our house and built another one in a slightly different place to rearrange our kitchen. I took a sharpie and wrote a poem about my family on the studs before I drywalled. Maybe some day when our house is being demolished someone will read my poem.