Monday, March 10, 2008

The Heritage Cross has been installed

Last year I wrote about transforming heritage, the journey of constructing a cross for the sanctuary at India Hook from a tree on the church property. Today, the cross was installed by the members of the Garland Construction Company. It took most of the day, 5 men, 30 feet of scaffolding, a round of sloppy joes, and a block and tackle with a chain to hoist the 400 pound cross to its place suspended from the ceiling. Tonight, the trustees made the final decisions on the lighting. This Sunday, Miss Sherwood Cannon will join us as we dedicate the cross made from the tree she planted over two decades ago. I hope to post pictures later in the week.

I spent most of the day with the Garland crew witnessing their knowledge and skill. I joked about my selfish interest in making certain the Cross was secured properly in its place 35 feet over where I stand each Sunday. Mr. Wilson, the woodworker, was also there. His comments about working with the wood for the cross and woodworking in general were enjoyable.

During a break I had an insightful conversation with some the crew about Jesus' journey up Calvary with His cross. I listened to these men who make a living carrying lumber, working with wood and putting it in the right place safely; I found their thoughts enlightening. There was plenty of speculation---maybe the cross was made of dried wood (perhaps even used many times before)...maybe the crossbeam was not much wider than his hand (for its functionality despite all the horrible imagery that entails). Regardless, as they struggled with this decorative cross today, I believe we all thought about the One who endured his own solitary struggle to carry his own cross uphill.

The Heritage Cross is already serving its purpose even before its first Sunday.

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