Saturday, June 14, 2008

Almost There

I told my family that the best Father's Day present this year would be to have 99% of the packing done by the end of Saturday. We will be close. It looks like we will have most of the boxes headed to the basement/mancave in Gaffney. It will probably look like a Costco storage room.

The Buford Street Parsonage Committee has been gracious and cooperative with helping us get acclimated. The parsonage is getting new paint and a room of new carpeting. They even went along with The Athlete's request for his room to be painted Georgia Bulldog Red. Perhaps it is a good thing Cadet Airman is away at JROTC Leadership camp; he might have wanted his room complete with camouflage paint and mosquito netting. Mamma Deacon didn't ask me what color I wanted for the basement/mancave (where all the boy's x-box equipment and daddy's desk are going). It probably wouldn't matter anyway... U-Haul box Brown is such a delightful color.

PS- It is amazing how many google hits my blog got with the words "triple bunk bed."

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