Monday, July 7, 2008

The Anti-Thesis of Mamma Deacon's Quiet, Sunny Place

Mamma Deacon wrote about her nice, quiet place in the house last week. It is nice if you like sunshine and a view of the outdoors. The basement downstairs has been deemed the Mancave and the James boys are making it a comfortable place. Since Mamma has taken the boys to the beach this week, I have had time to prepare my side of the ManCave.

As you can see by the pictures above, I do have a single window! It allows me to see outside from below ground level the kudzu growing in the field next to the parsonage. The room is done in early American Bomb Shelter with authentic cement blocks. When I sit in the chair I can see how the washer and dryer are coming along. Notice my own personal unique kindergarten artwork hanging on the wall; I think it would bring top dollar on EBay. I think the ascetic look is in for the contemplative crowd this year... maybe I will start a trend. For the record, those are not Steve Taylor's sermon files on my desk!!

In all seriousness, I like my quiet spot too. There are few distractions (except when the dryer is finished) and in the still of the early morning it makes for a worshipful space. Our home is quite comfortable and we are blessed to be here.


the reverend mommy said...

I like it. Early American Bomb Shelter is one of my favorite looks.

April said...

Hey! Looks like your settling in! Hope the boys n mom had fun @beach!! The mancave looks like a gr8 guestroom 4 me when I visit!
Well, Miss you and love you all!!


Kathy said...

Actually, I think we would let April have a bedroom to stay in!!! Momma Deacon