Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pastor's report for Charge Conference

Here is my annual narrative report for charge conference:

My fifth year of ministry at India Hook has been a time of change, as the church continues to implement its long range plan of connecting people to God and one another. In the past few weeks, the administrative council has approved the creation of a new staff position for programming to begin after the first of the year. This is a significant step towards meeting the ministry needs of a growing church and community. I believe this staff person will equip the church with basic logistical help for ministry, but also help members engage in ministry themselves in a whole new way.

Change and growth do present challenges to the way we do ministry currently and to our present facility use. If we are faithful in God’s leading to grow, we will see a greater number of new people that we will not be able to know to the degree that we have come to befriend those who have come through the doors before. India Hook will need to work through budgeting, cash flow, and Christian Stewardship matters in order to be more effective in answering God’s call. We face the financial challenges of replacing or expanding church property. The Family Life Center needs new flooring; we need to pave a parking lot on the west side of the property; a church bus is needed to facilitate effective ministry and our church playground needs an upgrade. Some of these challenges are being addressed with funds from the property transfer (the playground); we hope that our Miracle Sunday in March addresses the rest.

Being the pastor here in these times is a wonderful experience. It is at times difficult to balance the conventional roles and expectations of the sole pastor while leading the church in new ways of caring and functioning. Yet, despite that balancing act, I have many opportunities to grow in my own Christian walk and leadership experience. For example, I am learning to coach the church’s leadership team on a regular basis in order facilitate their growth in Christ and to equip them for their leadership roles.

It is a wonderful experience to pastor India Hook because I pastor a loving and caring people. They help Kathy and I raise a family of three boys; they pastored me in the illness and death of my brother. I am grateful to God to be here.


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Stephen Taylor said...

And I'm glad you're the kind of leader who's open to letting your people be pastor to you as well.