Friday, October 19, 2007

Rain and The Rhythm of Life

Early this morning on the 5 Star Doughnut Friday Run, LLCoolJ and I got caught in the rain. Yes, rain. It was cold, wet and wonderful. LLCoolJ danced to the rhythm of the windshield wipers as we made it to the donut place. The obvious thing about a drought is the lack of rain in the rhythm of days. The dry and hot days have dragged on with no relief in sight. The rhythm of days and routines helps us organize our lives. Our home seems to function better when we have a rhythm of school, homework, and flop time.

At church, we have the yearly rhythm of charge conference and the seasons. Weekly worship brings balance to life that is out of balance with misfired rhythm. Lately, India Hook has celebrated a midweek prayer and communion service to bring us renewal in the week in between Sundays.

Here in Rock Hill, it is the last year for the York County Fair at the American legion property downtown. It is the last Fair at that site and the last fair directed by Mr. Pete. He is a member of India Hook and for over 50 years, he has kept the rhythm of the York Fair as the manager. His leadership will be missed.

What are the rhythms of your life?

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gavin richardson said...

the work seasons in my life are busy, busy, winter, and preparatory.. the personal life, it's confusing season