Friday, December 21, 2007

A Step Toward Independence

This morning I took my oldest son, the Staff Sgt. (he got a JROTC promotion recently), to get his driver's permit. I had all of the documentation with me and watched as he took the multiple choice test. He got 27 out of 30 right; he passed! Mamma Deacon and I will be taking the passenger seat next to him for a while.

A driver's license is an important thing in American culture. Yesterday, I sat with a 93 year old church member who recently gave up her driver's license because of diminished ability behind the wheel. She grieved the loss of getting around, of seeing friends, of going places on her own rather than depending on others. For my son on the other end of life, it is a step toward independence. It is a step away from depending on parents to get you around (a step away from asking your parents to drop you off two blocks from the party so your friends don't see the "parental drop off").

Now, if only he would get a job to pay for the car insurance that would be a huge step toward independence!

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roadtripray said...

Our oldest just got his license a few months ago. Insuring teens in an automobile is an expensive proposition. I think being in the greater Charlotte metro area probably contributes to the cost with the abundance of aggressive drivers.

God bless,