Saturday, May 17, 2008

A couple of updates

This past week, I talked with Scott Wachter, the chairperson of the Conference Board of Church and Society. Scott said the resolution concerning Wofford's advertising practices was being pulled. He has been informed that Wofford has opted not to renew its advertising contract with Advance America, therefore the resolution is moot. I have not discovered yet what Wofford's thinking is on advertising for the South Carolina Educational Lottery Corporation. Will that continue or is it "not renewed" as well?

Here is an update for me, since it has been a few weeks since I blogged. At one time, I thought Sciatica was a place in Asia Minor that Paul visited on one of his missionary journeys. Recently, I discovered Sciatica is located near one of the outer rings of Hell. Sciatica is the irritation of the nerve that runs down the leg from the base of the spine. Sciatica is a burning, stabbing pain down the entire leg that leaves one crying in misery. I had it. I am still recovering from it.

Additionally, we are moving this June and we are trying to pack.

Between these two things, the blog has taken a back seat. I will blog next week when I can officially say what most people already know---where in the world is Sacramental Dude going?

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roadtripray said...

Not laughing at your misery, but your description of Sciatica's location made me laugh out loud. Hope you feel better. And may you get a real peach of an appointment.