Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Honey, I think I taped one of the kids in a box

We are in the middle of the packing process here. There are boxes scattered here and there. Barrels full of china stand next to a box full of Star Wars toys… I hope I put the “fragile” sticker on the right container. It is amazing how much stuff there is to pack. Our yard sale is this Saturday (come one, come all). What we have not used in five years (since the last move) as well as some furniture is going to the yard sale. Although I have a feeling that yard sale is a fancy term which means “junk rest area” in French----- the place it sits before you finally move it to the big green box with flies.

Seriously, we are doing well with the move. LPCoolJ is happy to get his own room; the Athlete is extremely happy to go to a place with such a great football legacy as Gaffney; Cadet Airman is probably happy that we are not moving too far away from his friends in Rock Hill. Mamma Deacon and I look are trying to figure out how it will all get done by June 17.

I will post more later…if I don’t pack the mouse.


David said...

luckily my kid isn't due until just after we move in...and we are unpacking previous boxes from previous moves, just to know what to pack this time around.
All the best in the moving. And grace and peace in your new assignment

roadtripray said...

Isn't it astounding how much stuff you can accumulate in a short time?