Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cupcake the terrier

In 2003, our family decided to get a dog to help us with our transition to Rock Hill. While scanning the online newspapers, I found a Boston Terrier puppy for sale near Spartanburg. Wofford College, where I went to college, is in Spartanburg. The mascot for Wofford is the terrier--- more about that choice of mascot another time.

We wanted an indoor dog, and a Boston terrier seemed a good fit. On the way over to Spartanburg from Rock Hill to get the puppy, my sons and I are "informed" that momma wants a girl dog, since momma is the only female in the house. Okay, that's great; I guess there are penalties to leaving the seat up after all. On the way back home, we are discussing names for this new pet. For some reason, Cupcake is chosen. I think Momma had some input on that too.

Cupcake is not your typical house dog. She is hyper and loves to chase the ball and jump all over you--- not a cupcake, lying around taking it easy.

So here we are in the James home, with Cupcake the terrier. As I scour football message boards and plan on my treks to Wofford games, Cupcake is right here beside me. The Wofford Terriers play in the Southern Conference, not the ACC or Southeastern Conference of Clemson or USC, but a tough league nonetheless. However, when schools like USC or North Carolina State schedule teams like Wofford, they are called "cupcake" games, because they are supposed to be easy wins for the big schools. Sometimes these schools choke on a cupcake (see App. State and Michigan). It is rare, but it does happen.

This weekend Wofford travels to Raleigh to play NC State. I hope they find the cupcake Wofford Terriers just as lively and difficult to handle as I find my cupcake terrier!

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Kathy said...

Cupcake is not your average cupcake, and I hope the Wofford-NC State game will be not your average cupcake game. Go Terriers!