Friday, September 21, 2007

A Week to Remember

A few years ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a great book (pictured right). I have been thinking about that book in light of this week at India Hook. This week the trustees met on Tuesday, the special charge conference was Wednesday, and the staff parish relations committee met on Thursday ( it was a busy week!).

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the groups dealt with the property issues that I wrote about earlier. Last night, the SPRC made the first tentative steps in hiring a program director for the church. It is the only the beginning of a process that will take a couple of months, but it was an exciting start.

Gladwell writes of the moments and events that mark the change in a system or process. With this week's decisions, India Hook is nearing the tipping point (if we aren't already there) toward being a church that responds to the growing community around the church. I think what I saw in these meetings is people responding not to letting fear of change, expense or conflict stop them from doing what is needed. That response is not always present in churches these days. Of course, there may be points ahead where we are tempted to settle or turn back. My hope is that these actions will lead us toward a bright future for the ministry of Christ Jesus through the people of India Hook UMC.

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Stephen Taylor said...

I thought you said the title of this formative book in your life was The Tipsy Moment. No wonder I couldn't find it.