Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sometimes a cupcake acts like a cupcake and the seasons do still change

After an evening of listening to the radio feed of the Wofford game via the internet last night, I still have my religion. I listened as Wofford lost to the Wolfpack, 38-17. Wofford made some silly mistakes with ball control and penalties, but NC State was indeed a little much for the puppies. Oh well, we back to the world of I-AA or FCS (as it is now called). The check for $250,000 that Wofford got for playing will help the program.

This morning I went to lead the Lakeside service down at Ebenezer Park on Lake Wylie. There was a definite chill in the air; I decided to go back and get a light jacket. It's hard to preach with your teeth chattering! It was a good thing I got it, because there was a wind coming off the lake and the temperature was probably in the mid 50s.

The Lakeside services are winding down for the summer and next week is our last week there. Leading worship at the lake is a challenge. We meet under a picnic shelter with anywhere from 50 to 70 in attendance, plus some vultures, gulls, ducks and geese. I have not decided whether I will count the vultures and ducks on my charge conference forms concerning worship attendance. Probably not, because who wants to admit that the vultures circle whenever you preach? At the lakeside service, we have folks from India Hook there as well as people from the nearby campground and residents from around that side of Lake Wylie. It is a recreation spot with people putting in boats, fishing and enjoying the early morning beauty of sunlight and water from their RVs.

At the Lakeside Service, we also claim that Picnic shelter at that time as a Re-Creation place. in those moments, God's grace is displayed in the beauty of creation and we witness the care of the One who reaches out to us. We experience the love of the One who is making all things new. Our last Lakeside Service for 2007 meets at the main Picnic shelter at Ebenezer Park off Mount Gallant Road next Sunday morning at 8:30am. Bring a jacket, just in case!

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